Customisations: Adjusting the logo size [Kickstart Pro]

Is there a way to increase the logo size in the Kickstart Pro theme?

Logo is too small at the current size, how do I increase the dimensions to allow a larger logo?

Please note we are unable to support customisations that you or any third party developer make to your theme.

This tutorial is provided for information only and you should make sure you have a backup of your website that you know you can roll back to before proceeding.

If you are in any doubt on how to proceed or would like any assistance we recommend you contact a third party developer to help you as we will be unable to help you via our support desk.

By default the theme should display a logo of any size that's uploaded to the kickstart-pro/images folder with the file name logo.png.

However, depending on the size / proportions of the logo you might want or need to change some of the CSS found in the style.css file to better accommodate the larger logo.

As a minimum you probably want to change lines 1327 (max-height) and 1329 (width) of the style.css file (under .header-image .site-title a) to match the height and the width of your logo. (These are the default line numbers in the style.css file, if you've edited the file already these may have may have changed).

Also, depending on how much you want to reduce the logo size for the mobile menu, you might also want to edit the background-size line (line 3094 by default) in style.css for .header-image .site-header .wrap in the max-width: 900px section also (remembering to respect the proportions of your logo whatever edits you decide to make)

I attempt to show this a bit more clearly in the following Gist:

As I mentioned you might also want to edit the size / padding / margins of some other elements around the logo also, depending on the logo's size and proportions.

However if you're not comfortable editing files yourself you may want to check out our Recommended developers and support services.