Customisations: Changing the order of homepage rows [Kickstart Pro]

Is it possible to change the order of the homepage rows?

  • Please note we are unable to support customisations that you or any third party developer make to your theme.
  • This tutorial is provided for information only and you should make sure you have a backup of your website that you know you can roll back to before proceeding.
  • If you are in any doubt on how to proceed or would like any assistance we recommend you contact a third party developer to help you as we will be unable to help you via our support desk.

The goal of this article is to show you how to change the order of the homepage rows in Kickstart Pro.

In order to do this though you will need to be comfortable editing the code in some of your theme files via a text editor or FTP. If you are not comfortable doing so, please take a look at our recommended contractors list in order to find someone who may be able to help you.

  1. Backup your site (please contact your web hosting company if you are not sure how to do this!).
  2. If the theme is already uploaded to your website login to your FTP server (again please contact your hosting company if you’re not sure how to do this) and browse to the following directory:
    /wp-content/themes/kickstart-pro/ (the kickstart-pro folder name may differ)
  3. Inside this folder open the front-page.php file.
  4. Now scroll to the block of code you want to move and select it (make sure you get the whole block).
  5. Cut the whole block of code that you want to move, then scroll down to the part where you’d like to put the row (you can see the rows named home-row4 etc)
  6. Paste the code block where you’d like it to be and save the file if you're working via FTP or upload the file over the original version (via FTP) if you're working on you local computer.
  7. Finally, you may have to clear any cache settings on your website for the change to show, though in most cases it should show immediately.

In case of any issue, restore to the site backup that you took and try again paying close attention that you’re’ cutting and pasting the entire block as shown in these images.