Importing your theme's demo content

If you'd like to use the content from the theme demo website as a starting point for your own site - and this is completely optional - this article will show you how to import it into your WordPress install.

Importing to a blank site or an existing one?

If the WordPress website you'll be importing the demo content into already has its own posts and pages - i.e. it's not a blank install of WordPress - you might prefer not to do this to save mixing your existing content with all of the demo posts and pages.

However, the choice is yours, of course.

Importing the demo content

  1. Make sure the theme you want to import the demo content for is installed and activated on your WordPress site.
  2. Next, make sure you've installed and activated all the recommended plugins for your theme (see Related Articles below, if you have yet to do this).
  3. Now unzip your theme's zip file, open the folder than appears and then the xml folder found inside.
  4. In this folder you'll find an .xml file. This file contains all the demo content we need to import into WordPress.
  5. Now login to your WordPress admin and choose Tools > Import from the WordPress menu.
  6. Next choose WordPress and if you're prompted to install the WordPress Importer plugin click Install Now and then Activate Plugin & Run Importer.
  7. Next click Choose File and find the .xml file on your computer (or just drag and drop the .xml file on top of the Choose File button) and then click Upload file and import.
  8. Now follow the instructions on screen, which will allow you to:
    1. associate any of the demo content with any existing user (or create a new user to associate the content with), and
    2. download and import the file attachments (images). Recommended.
  9. Now you should proceed with the import and in a few moments all of the demo content will be imported.
  10. (Please note there may be minor differences between the demo content and what is imported)

Setting up menus

Although menus are imported they're not usually assigned to the appropriate locations automatically.

To assign a menu just follow your theme's Header Setup instructions or, if you are familiar with WordPress, go to Appearance > Menus from the WordPress menu.

Setting up widgets

Unfortunately widgets are not included in the demo import.

However you can set up widgets to match the theme demo website by following your theme's instruction on this website.