Footer [Milton]

The footer area of the Milton theme is made up of two sections a text area and a widget area.

Milton theme footer text example

There is a also space for ‘standard’ text such as copyright info etc in the footer.

To customise this install the Genesis Simple Edits plugin and activate it.

After installing it you will find an extra menu option under Genesis > Simple Edits.

To edit the text that you see, simply modify the Footer Credits Text field. This field also supports basic HTML such as adding links etc.

Below is the example code from the Milton theme demo site. If you wish to adapt it to your own needs.

There is also a widget area in the footer that you can use (in the Milton theme demo site it shows some social media icons).

Simple Social Icons

Simple Social Icons in the footer of the Milton theme

To follow the style of the Milton theme demo site, you can add the free Simple Social Icons plugin to your site.

First, install the plugin via Plugins > Add New > Search from the WordPress menu.

Once this is installed go to Appearance > Widgets from the WordPress menu, and drag the Simple Social Icons widget from Available Widgets to the Footer 1 widget area.

You can then add links to the social networks of your choice and customise the colours if you choose.

You can also optionally add a logo to the footer area of the theme.

To do this, first follow the header logo instructions earlier in this guide for uploading your own logo to the theme.

Now go to Appearance > Widgets from the WordPress menu. Take a Text Widget from the Available Widgets section of the page and drag and drop it into the Footer 1 widget area (make sure it is in the first position if you have multiple widgets in that space).

You can now copy and paste the following HTML into the Text Widget and click Save to add a logo to the footer of your site.

(This is of course, only meant as a starting point, you are free to customise this further).