Posts [Milton]

Author Box

An author box from the Milton theme

Like most Genesis themes, Milton includes an option to show some information about the author of a post alongside the rest of the post's content (just above the post's content, in Milton's case).

By default these author boxes are not shown, so the first thing to do if you want to use them is active it.

  1. This is done on a user-by-user basis by going to Users from the WordPress menu and then choosing the user you want to enable the author box.
  2. Scroll down to you see the Author Box section and then check the Enable Author Box on this User's Posts option.Genesis author box display setting
  3. You will also likely want to check or edit the Display name publicly as and Biographical Info fields on the same screen, to ensure that the information being displayed is what you want to share publicly.
  4. When you're done click Update Profile to save your changes.

Author Box Social Icons (via Extra User Details plugin)

Author box social media icons shown on the Milton theme

You might notice on the author boxes on the Milton theme demo website that there are some social media icons next to the author's description. These can be added by installing a (free) plugin called Extra User Fields.

  1. First, install and activate the plugin
  2. Go to Users > Extra User Details from the WordPress menu
  3. Click Add New Field and type (in lower case) the name of the social media icon you want to have the option to display in the Meta Key field. Extra User Fields optionsSupported Meta Keys are as follows:
    1. dribble
    2. facebook
    3. linkedin
    4. pinterest
    5. twitter
    6. vine
    7. youtube
    8. googleplus (supported but there is no need to add it as an extra field because it is already an option in WordPress 'Edit User' page)
  4. You should also add a Field Name (this can be whatever you want but just so you can recognise it later on)
  5. When you're done click Update Extra Fields
  6. Now go to Users from the WordPress menu and find the user you want to edit
  7. On the next 'Edit User' screen scroll down till you see Extra User Details section and then add the links to all the social media profiles you want to include (if you need it, you'll find the Google+ field, higher up the page under the Contact Info section). Extra User Details section on the Edit User screen

Post Info

MIlton theme Post Info

The post info (published date, category it belongs to etc) that is displayed above a post, both on the homepage (or a category or tag page) or above an individual post can be controlled via the Genesis Simple Edits plugin.

  1. First, install and active the plugin if you haven't already.
  2. Go to Genesis > Simple Edits from the WordPress menu.
  3. You then have two options:
    1. Entry Meta (above content)
    2. Entry Meta (below content)
  4. Each of these fields can be show a variety of different information about each post, according to your preferences or left blank (the Milton theme demo website leaves the Entry Footer field blank for a more uncluttered look).
  5. To see the available information that can be displayed in these fields, click the Show available entry meta shortcodes link which will show a list of, what are known as, shortcodes that can be used.
  6. You can then copy and paste any shortcode into either of the Entry Meta fields to use them and add any other text you like.
  7. When you're done click Save Settings.
The style in the Milton theme demo website is to leave the Entry Meta (below content) blank and have the following in the Entry Meta (above content):
[post_categories before=""] // [post_date]

For more information about the available shortcodes see StudioPress'  Shortcode Reference (you must have purchased a copy of the Genesis Framework, and be logged in to to view this).

Share Icons (Genesis Simple Share)

Genesis Simple Share icons on the Milton theme

To display share icons above and or underneath each post:

  1. Firstly, install and activate the (free) Genesis Simple Share plugin.
  2. Then from the WordPress menu, select Genesis > Simple Share.
  3. To have the same setup as the Milton theme demo website, set: Milton theme Genesis Simple Share settings
    1. Icon Size to Small Bar
    2. Icon Appearance to Outlined
    3. Icon Display Position to After the Content
    4. Enable on to post
  4. And then click Save Settings.