Header Setup [Milton]


To change the name / title of your website go to  Settings > General from the WordPress menu, edit the Site Title field and hit the Save Changes button.

If you'd prefer to use a logo instead of the text, you first need to use FTP to upload your logo to the Milton theme's image folder. This will probably be located at /wp-content/themes/milton/images/

The theme is designed to (optionally) support a small logo image size of 41 pixels x 28 pixels so we suggest keeping the image close to that / in those proportions.

Your logo file should be saved as logo.png and you may need to overwrite the existing logo.png file in the same folder first.

Once you've done that go to Genesis > Theme Settings > Header and choose Image Logo and then Save Settings.

Before placing a menu in the header you must first create one in WordPress.

  • Go to Appearance > Menus from the WordPress menu.
  • If you’re creating a new menu click ‘Create a new menu’ and give it a name
  • You can now choose any combination of Pages or Categories from the left that you'd like to include, by checking them and clicking Add to menu
  • From the left column you can also include custom Links and by entering the URL and the Link Text of the network you want to link and again clicking Add to Menu
  • All of your menu items will now appear on the right

Splash Theme - Add menu link

  • You can now drag and drop your menu items on the right in any order you wish
  • You can also great a multi-level dropdown menu by placing a menu item beneath another one and dragging it to the right slightly so it appears indented (if you're not sure on this you can experiment and then check the results on the front end in a minute)
  • To set the menu to appear at the top / top right of the of the site check Primary Navigation Menu under Theme Locations. To set it to appear in the middle of the site (just below the header section) check Secondary Navigation Menu. (Both menus will be 'combined' when the site is viewed on smaller screen sizes). Menu location options Milton theme menu locations
  • When you're finished click the Save Menu button.

'Header Right'

The 'Header Right' area is made up of two parts. A large title or description (depending on what type of page you're on) and an (optional) widget area. There is also a homepage only widget area which will show widgets only on the homepage (such as on the demo site where the 'Editor', 'Tech Reporter' and 'Editor-at-large' widgets are shown).

Title / Description

The following rules determine what text is shown in the Header Right area.

  • Homepage ('Front page' or 'Posts page') - The site description, if any. (To edit the site description go to Settings > General from the WordPress menu, edit the Site Description field and hit the Save Changes button).
  • Pages - e.g. an about page, contact page etc (i.e. any page created via the Pages menu in WordPress) will show the title of that page
  • Posts - likewise any post created via the Posts menu in WordPress will show the post's title of that page in the 'header right' section
  • Archives - category, tag or search results archive pages will show the site description (the actual category or tag name is shown in smaller text below).

Header Right Widget Area

Although we believe that many Milton theme purchasers will want to leave this area blank (preferring just to go with the large text that already appears in this area), there is the option to add widgets in this section also.

Primarily we see these used as a way of highlighting different authors on a multi-author blog.

If you'd like to show certain widgets to show on the homepage only (again, as we've done with Milton demo site) you can achieve this by installing the popular Jetpack plugin, enabling the Widget Visibility module and then tweaking the widgets as desired (more detailed instructions below).

(Pleas note, the Header Right (Home) widget area was deprecated in v1.0.1 of Milton).

To access this widget areas, first go to Appearance > Widgets from the WordPress menu. You can now drag different widgets in from the Available Widgets area on the left to either the Header Right widget area.

'Multi-author' widgets on Milton theme homepage

To achieve the same effect as on the Milton demo site with different authors shown in this area:

  1. (In order for an image (Gravatar) to be displayed for that author, an image must be associated with the user's email address on the Gravatar.com service).
  2. (Please note, the Genesis User Profile widget can only show users (authors) that have been added to WordPress so if the person you want to display is not listed as an option go to Users > Add new and add them first).
  3. Repeat the process if you want to show more authors.
  4. Then click Save.
  5. Open up the widget and copy (or tweak) the settings in the image below to your preference. Genesis User Profile (Header section) settings for the Milton theme
  6. From the Appearance > Widgets page in WordPress, simply drag a Genesis User Profile widget to the Header Right (Home) widget area

In order to show authors (or any other widget on the homepage only):

  1. Install and activate the Jetpack plugin via Plugins > Add New from the WordPress menu.
  2. Go to Jetpack > Settings (from the WordPress menu) and make sure Widget Visibility is activated.
  3. Go to Appearances > Widgets, find and expand the widget you want to set to show only on the homepage.
  4. Click the Widget Visibility button and set it to Show if Page is Front page, as in the image below: Setting a widget to show on the homepage only with Jetpack's Widget Visibility setting
  5. And then click Save.
  6. (You can then repeat this for any other widgets you like).