Footer [Kickstart Pro]

This is controlled by the Before Footer widget area found under Appearance > Widgets from the WordPress menu.

To create the same look / functionality as the demo site install the  Genesis Latest Tweets plugin (follow these instructions if you need help setting it up:

Once setup drag the Genesis Latest Tweets widget to the Before Footer widget area and then configure it how you would like. To match the demo Kickstart design we recommend displaying only 1 tweet at a time.

There are five columns which you can add widgets to in the Footer Widgets area. This space supports all common widgets such as

  • Categories
  • Custom Menu
  • Tag Cloud
  • Text
  • and the Genesis Latest Tweets widget

This space is designed to work with the Simple Social Icons plugin to create a set of (er) simple social icons and links to presence on various social sites.

Simply install the  Simple Social Icons plugin via Plugins > Add New > Search and then use it by dragging the Simple Social Icons widget to the After Footer Widgets (Social) widget area.

You can then configure the widget to your preferences, including whether to align the icons left, right or centered.

There is a space for ‘standard’ footer text such as copyright info etc at the end of the footer.

To customise this install the  Genesis Simple Edits plugin and activate it.

After installing it you will find an extra menu option under Genesis > Simple Edits.

To add one line of centered text you can edit the Footer Credits Text box and click Save Settings. You can use basic HTML and also any of the plugin’s included shortcodes (see the ‘Show Available Footer Shortcodes’ link).

To do something more custom (e.g. some text left, some text right), check the ‘Modify Entire Footer Text (including markup)?’ box and the text (including any basic HTML or shortcodes you wish to use), the following is an example of how to do a left / right aligned split: