Pricing Page [Kickstart Pro]

To set a page as the Pricing Page go to Pages from the WordPress menu and then either create a new page or edit the page you wish to nominate as the pricing page.

Once on the edit screen of that page simply choose Pricing from the Templates box on the right and click Save.

This will associate the Pricing Page (Top) widget area with that page, instructions on which are below.

Pricing Page: Top

The Pricing Page (Top) widget area uses some basic HTML to create a three column pricing table.

If you’d like something similar to the demo site, drag a Text widget to the Pricing Page (Top) widget area, enter the following HTML as a template and adjust the text as needed, then Save the widget.

Number of columns

To create a different number of columns use one-half or one-fourth at the following points in the HTML and delete (or add) extra columns:

to give you  the appropriate number of pricing columns of course. On the first column only a class of ‘first’ must always be set.