Blog & Archive Pages [Kickstart Pro]

Blog Page

To set a page as the Blog Page (and display your latest posts) go to Pages from the WordPress menu and then either create a new page or edit the page you wish to nominate as the blog page.

Once on the edit screen of that page simply choose Blog from the Templates box on the right and click Save.

Blog & Archive Header Area

There is an optional widget area which will appear at the top of every Blog Page or Category or Tag Archive page (a page which shows all posts for that particular tag or category).

You can use this for example to highlight a particular post or category of posts that you wish to appear on every page (e.g. a particular promotion you are offering or an introductory article to your blog for new readers).

To recreate the look of the demo, drag a Genesis Featured Posts widget.

The image settings on the demo are as follows (there must be a Featured Image set in the appropriate post in order for thumbnail to display):

The excerpt / ‘teaser’ text settings on the demo are: