Setting up the Genesis eNews Extended plugin

This article will explain how to setup the Genesis eNews Extended plugin by (the awesome) Brandon Kraft (@kraft)

Some instructions are provided for Genesis eNews Extended on each Theme Setup page, but in order to set-up the plugin to work with different email providers please see the following instructions:


I recommend the tutorial from Brandon (the plugin author’s) website:


  • Login at
  • Choose Lists from the left menu
  • Select the list you want to send sign-ups too (or create a new one)
  • Choose Signup Forms and then Embedded Forms
  • From the Copy/paste onto your site box on the following page scroll down in the code until you see the line that starts with: <form action=
  • Now copy the part in-between the action= quote marks, excluding the quote marks themselves (if MailChimp ‘makes’ you copy the whole thing just paste it to to a text file first and then extract the bit you need)

Splash Theme - MailChimp

  • Now go back to the Genesis eNews – Extended widget (on the Newsletter area of the Appearance > Widgets page) and paste that part into the Form Action: field.
  • In the E-mail Field type EMAIL
  • Optional: Add some text around the form Text To Show Before Form: and the Text To Show After Form: fields
  • When you’re done press Save and go test your form.

(If you need further instructions take a look at the following page of Brandon (the plugin author’s) website: